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Love Your Melon is an American hat and apparel company that started as a school project. After achieving the original goal of giving 45,000 hats — one for every child battling cancer in America — using there "buy one, give one" model, Love Your Melon set a new goal of giving one million dollars to pediatric cancer research and providing immediate support to children and their families. To date, the company has donated over 6.1 million dollars to the cause.

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YANTRA is a boutique haircare and lifestyle brand focused on enhancing your daily routine and making a positive impact on your hair, lifestyle and in the world we share. From styling products that are multi-functional and gender neutral, to a customizable shampoo and conditioner system individually formulate for any hair type... YANTRA Beauty will diversify and streamline your daily routine. By sourcing their ingredients responsibly from around the world, YANTRA has gone the extra mile to ensure you feeling good doesn’t adversely effect others. On top of all that - when checking out, you get the opportunity to choose one of several compassionate charities that will receive 10% of your purchase to help support the selfless work they do.  

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Liquor Laboratory – best known as Liquor Lab – is a hands-on, interactive craft beer, wine, spirits and cocktail event space where guests can experience custom beverages like never before. A staple in NYC'S SoHo, Liquor Lab is opening a Nashville location downtown July 2019.

Think of this as a cooking class, but solely for specialty sips. While learning about recipe history and preparation, attendees shake, stir and sip delicious drinks. A category-specific professional leads each instructional session, as guests follow along step-by-step and discover the evening’s focus in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Liquor Lab encourages socializing with friends and meeting new people. During the tutorial, there are opportunities to interact with the class leader and win prizes.


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