Let's start this out right by giving you a little rundown about me and what

the BNA bae is all about...

Hailing from San Diego, I moved to Nashville at the "tender" age of 11 and have been in love (with this city) ever since. There's something about Nashville - the people and the culture that draw you in. I can most assuredly say, there’s no place like Nashville – and I’m blessed to call this beautiful place home.

​ I'm also no stranger to being the "new girl" in town (more on that later) and hated having to find my current home town favorites all over again with every move.​ As the years have gone by, i've found so many things about nashville that i love; and in the true spirit of nashville hospitality, i look forward to sharing those people, places and things i've discovered. so take off your coat, click around and stay a while. 

love & lemondrops,

the BNA bae


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